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Victoria Ruiz

Front-End UI Developer, Internet

Victoria Ruiz: UX/UI Front-end Developer at 6vStudio

Victoria Ruiz's Bio:

Victoria Ruiz is a web developer, UI designer and... psychologist! Her quite uncommon profile has certain benefits when it comes down to putting technology at service of others. With over 5 years of experience in web design, and development, she has been part of projects for clients such as Canadian Railways, Walgreens, Heineken and Caterpillar. Additionally, she's a language freak (Spanish, English, French and German) and loves photography. If you're in need of a new website or a freelance web developer, you may hire her or the 6vStudio team by emailing victoria (at) 6vstudio (dot) com

Victoria Ruiz's Experience:

  • Web Developer - Director at 6vStudio

    Develop websites and web applications, using a combination of technologies, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP/MySQL.

  • Lead Front-End UI Architect at Accenture

    Leader of a team of front-end developers, specializing in HTML, CSS and Javascript (jQuery). Projects vary in platforms (Sitecore, Android, Windows 8, etc.) and target devices (mobile, responsive design, etc.)

  • Learning & Knowledge Management Analyst at Accenture

    Offered guidance to internal company teams on how to set up knowledge repositories and create e-learnings.

  • Research Specialist at Avature

    Job candidate search for complicated job requisitions. In charge of the team's knowledge management, through a wiki.

  • Webmaster & SEO specialist at Macrosuma

    Performed restructuring and actualization of the company's home page, along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve better site performance and sales.

Victoria Ruiz's Education:

  • Universidad de Buenos Aires

  • Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires

    Concentration: Humanistico
  • Coursera

    Gamification, Human-Computer Interaction, Video-Games and Learning

Victoria Ruiz's Interests & Activities:

Web development, photography, German, French, languages in general.

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